Southmenders go back to school 9th Feb 2019

Saturday 9th Feb 2019

We were so happy to be back at school, the place were the Southend Repair Cafe made it’s tentative first flight.  Jules had been grafting until the early hours to ready the newly carved drama room for our gadget clinic.

As sure as the seasons and the tides, the repairs came flooding in.  Christina’s Dyson has waited patiently and today was the day for its new head. £50 delivered, not bad to save a £200 rrp machine.  30 Seconds later one humdinger of a dyson and a happy Christina.


Successful repairs of the day included a cordless vacumm which was getting bogged down, an oil filled radiator, a morphy richards dual toaster which required deconstructing and reconstructing to cajole it back to full function with no real fault found.  Just needed some repair cafe love we recon.

Challenged by a Samsung tablets delicate circuit board, simply lacking the fine tooling required, the donations from this event will be put towards this improving this weakness in our game

Sew inspiring, ahem,  to see the sewing team making the great wheat filled heat packs, cheap, organic and plasticfree.  Some nice bag decorating work, and Madison, the future generation of craftivists, producing some amazing pattern stitches on her Toyota machine.  Thanks Liz for your knowledge and boundless energy.

A beautiful piece of serendipity occurred when half an hour following Steve arriving with a hybrid bike looking for a new home, he was recently given a road bike by his partner, did a Lady missing her recently stolen bike, arrive.  Steve set the bike up for its new owner, who was over the moon for 20 quid as was Steve to have found his trusty stead a wanting home.

It was a pleasure to welcome Keiran, who has for the last 8yrs, volunteered at the Re-cycle centre, which very trajectly closed it’s doors for the last time recently, Kieran is keen to put his experience in practice and join us on our repair Cafe journey.


Much appreciation again to the Co-op on the Hamlet court road for their donation to £20 worth of food for local community events.

Southmenders is a Southend-in-Transition project

Epicquest is an alternative education centre using Steiner ethics

Coming very shortly is a new facet of Epicquest, the integration of Bike doctors who will be engaging the pupils in bicycle repair, construction even design.  Bike doctors will still provide a bike shop service to the public.

Next event from Southmenders is Railway repairs Saturday 16th March.

Share the repair folks.  Your proud host Duncan

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